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Hello team, as we STRIVE to keep the team updated, here is the current update status for
The New Mexico/Texas survival group!
things are coming along wonderful! We will be setting up an appointment for the surveyor to begin surveying the first 160 acres in the popular New Mexico area. This is great news because once we have the report we could start with interested team members to lease their sections and begin staging their family survival lots & hopefully installing their self contained utilities underground bunkers and above ground bomb domes! 👍🏻
This is a great time for interested investors opportunity to join Strive4Humanity LLC. 🌄
*******Investors please contact us at: ********

****** Important- if you are interested in joining our survival group team please fill out the contact information on website, I will email you back then please fill out the waiver & Background Check and email it back to me. *********
This is very important as this gets you on the top of the interested list as, this will be a very preferred popular survival group location due to its weather and proximity for the surrounding states.

We are starting to get a lot of interested parties, time is of the essence so, please sign up B4 it’s 2 late!
Let us all Strive4humanity!👍🏻




Strive4Humanity, The New Mexico/Texas survival group has been just given the opportunity to purchase an additional 320 acres! 😃

Therefore, this is a wonderful opportunity for us all and I am reaching out to the team to see if there may be investors interested in joining this most important survival group partnership opportunity?👍🏻

Please contact us right away at: before this wonderful opportunity is no longer available for the survival group.

The Strive Group

There is no greater investment than your Survival Group!

We have been working very hard on an exciting opportunity that we are very close to achieving. Time is short and we need participation from new members to begin preparation on our staging area. Once our staging area is ready members can begin arriving on the property and we can move into Stage II development. We need people who know in their heart they need to begin a plan to join us now. We are a diversely talented group looking for like-minded individuals. We offer a safe location and a unique beginning with The New Mexico/Texas Survival Group. We can help you make the best plan for your family.

What we offer

We offer organized steps to a support plan and our property offers a plan for a staging area on our nearly 400 acres in The New Mexico/Texas Survival Group locations! Each member will have & lease their own lot as well access to the survival group. The property is near natural resources ie. forest, streams, cavern national park and flat open areas for building. The area is perfect for a barn for the cows, pigs, horses, goats and chickens. Property is also near hunting grounds.

What we are planning

To build a large survival group where members can lease sections on the land to install their own underground bunkers and above ground bomb domes and also burry food containers plus expanding the infrastructure and developing the existing staging area. We will need water wells, electricity, septic, propane & solar where needed.

It will be required for each member to have one year of food and supplies stored on the property.

Once financing permits we will begin phase II which combine building a i.e. community center and shared recreation center with showers, laundry center and cooking area for the Mobile homes and camper members. Phase III includes ie. a greenhouse, a barn and farmyard that will further allow the members to be completely self-sustaining.

Who we are

We are a serious preparedness group with a driving Strive determined to develop an organized environment and grow a self-sustaining survival group.

What we need

We need additional members to commit to our group. We offer options on member commitment that will allow the LLC to begin development. We are a group of survivors who are getting it done not just talking about it. We are fortunate to have contacts for installing services and equipment that will discount the costs of underground bunker development but we also need members talented in construction, wiring, plumbing, framing and more.

This is a very exciting time and opportunity for investors who want to strive4humanity! This property location will be extremely popular due to weather and proximity. We have a plan ready for our survival group.

Membership participation fees begin at $3,500. allowing opportunity to lease a section to install an underground bunker for your family. Lease prices vary per size of lot. Pricing will increase with demand please secure your spot now!

Board member participation (limited number spots available) begins at $25,000. For information on board member amenities contact

What you need to do

Go to our website and apply then email background check and waiver. Only serious members please. If you have more questions you can send us an email and we will contact you. Just let us know what we can do for you.

We have ongoing plans to build up the infrastructure throughout the property. Our plan is for group members to share the land and their skills to participate in getting the wells, utilities and septic systems in place. Unfortunately, life is not guaranteed but it’s our ultimate goal as a survival group. We will need law enforcement members that will secure our property line and assess what might be going on in nearby and far cities. Time is running short. We have much work to do and we do not know how long we have. Every day we see more and more signs of the Earth and weather changes.

We have additional information on our website: or you can contact us at

Time is of the essence your safety is your ultimate investment! 👍🏻

Strive4Humanity LLC., Project is The New Mexico/Texas Location Option for The Survival Group Program Subscribers at

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